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Multi-module Websphere web application

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Maven project structure
  3. Source code


This article describes how to create a Spring web application that can be deployed on the WebSphere application server. The goal is to create a maven project that can be used to generate an EAR file.

Maven project structure

The following list shows the multi-module maven project directory structure:

|- websphere-maven-spring-project 
|-- app-ear/
|---- pom.xml
|-- app-webapp/
|---- src/
|---- .classpath
|---- pom.xml
|- pom.xml

The project consists of one parent/aggregator module and two sub/child modules. For more information on multi-module please go to maven documentation website.

Aggregator module

The aggregator is a top-level module used to join multiple modules.

The following is an excerpt from aggregator pom.xml:



Both sub-modules (app-ear and app-webapp) must include reference to the parent module as follows:


Sub-module: app-ear

WAR module (app-webapp) needs to be included in the list of EAR dependencies.


Include maven-ear-plugin in the build plugins section of the app-ear pom.xml:



Sub-module: app-webapp

Web app module is an simple web application generated with the spring initializr.

Source code

You can clone entire project from the following github repository.

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